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Bored&Beautiful have been delivering their straightforward, melodic brand of rock ’n’ roll for almost two decades. Today, Bored&Beautiful are Patrik on bass, Luke on drums and Jens who's responsible for everything else, like lead vocals and guitar. And delivered they have: They’ve got more songs in their back catalogue than they can remember. They’ve played everything from club gigs to festivals, all over the place. Part of the Swiss underground music scene for years, they have been flying under the radar at times.

Now, their fifth tour of Japan is about to start in february 2018. Back to basics is their route right now: they’re coming on as a trio, as in the early days, promoting their album Yesterdayland: a dynamic brew of good old rock’n’roll with a fresh taste. Now they are looking forward to their upcoming live shows in Japan from February 20 until February 26th in Osaka and Tokyo.



On A Roller Coaster


Burning Inside


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Is Not What I Had In Mind


Roller Coaster

Live at Kobe VARIT

ハローグッバイ - live in Japan

live in Hard Rain, Osaka

Never Say That (まんこ, ちんこ, うんこ)

The video from our first Japan tour

Never Say That

Live at Club Chaos, Yokkaichi

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It's My Own Monster


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